Iraqi actress and talk show host Enas Taleb wants to sue the British weekly newspaper The Economist.

The reason is an article published at the end of July entitled "Why women in the Arab world are fatter than men", which was provided with a picture of Taleb at the annual "Babylon International Festival".

The image was used without her consent and violated her privacy.

The main argument of the article is that poverty and societal restrictions keep women in the Arab world at home, making it difficult for them to get enough exercise - and some men find "curvy" women more attractive.

The article was extensively debated on social media, and it wasn't long before it was labeled "racist" and "sexist".

Enas Taleb called the article "an insult to Arab women in general and Iraqi women in particular." She wonders why the Economist is interested "in fat women in the Arab world and not in Europe or North America."

On Wednesday, Taleb posted a video of her attorney Samantha Kane demanding an apology on her behalf over the "defamation matter" to her nine million Instagram followers.

The lawyer did not speak of financial damages, but the actress herself did in interviews: she demanded compensation for the emotional and social damage she had suffered.