- We have a system error in the market.

We pay an excess price for our electricity, says V leader Nooshi Dadgostar at a press conference in the Riksdag on Thursday.

According to her, Sweden has a strong electricity production, but that the problem is the pricing.

The measure proposed by the Left Party is a so-called Sweden price for electricity, which is priced according to the electricity produced for the Swedish electricity market.

Something that would mean that the electricity price stabilizes at an average of 40 öre per kWh, according to Dadgostar.

Swedish power grid: Not possible according to EU rules

However, having separate prices in the way that the Left Party proposes is not possible according to EU rules, according to Svenska kraftnät.

- Existing EU legislation says that we must treat all customers equally in the EU.

With the proposal, Swedish customers would be treated in one way, and other European customers in another, says Mårten Bergman, unit manager of Svenska kraftnät.