China News Service, August 10. The State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference on the recent epidemic prevention and control work on the 10th.

At the meeting, Dong Xiaoping, chief expert of virology at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that monkeypox is a zoonotic disease caused by monkeypox virus.

Since May 2022, monkeypox has once again left Africa and has now spread in more than 70 countries and regions around the world.

No related cases have been found in the country yet.

  Dong Xiaoping introduced that the main transmission route of monkeypox is through the transmission between humans and animals, mainly through the exudate, blood, body fluids, etc. of infected animals, or by being bitten or scratched by animals.

Human-to-human transmission is mainly through prolonged close contact, but also through droplets.

Contact with virus-contaminated items may also cause transmission, as well as vertical mother-to-child transmission through the placenta.

Through sexual transmission, this route has not yet been fully identified.

  Dong Xiaoping said that monkeypox is an obvious self-limiting disease, and the prognosis of most patients is relatively good. Severe cases are often found in young children and people with weakened immune function. type, degree of viral exposure, previous health status, and severity of complications.

  Dong Xiaoping mentioned that the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the "Monkeypox Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines (2022 Edition)" in June this year, and the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention also issued the "Monkeypox Prevention and Control Technical Guidelines (2022 Edition)". Provide guidelines for the diagnosis and control of monkeypox in various places.

In the next step, we will continue to strengthen the prevention and control of monkeypox around the following four aspects: First, strengthen the research and judgment of the epidemic situation, follow up the situation of foreign epidemic situation and the progress of prevention and control work in real time, and carry out the risk assessment of the epidemic situation.

The second is to strengthen the quarantine and monitoring of monkeypox, and strengthen the health monitoring of inbound personnel, especially those from epidemic areas.

The third is to strengthen technical training for medical and health personnel, and improve the ability to identify, report, and diagnose and treat.

Fourth, make preparations for monkeypox diagnostic reagents, therapeutic drugs and vaccines, so as to achieve early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment, and effectively protect the lives and health of the people.