The real estate tax has taken a big place in the Moderates' election communication in social media – already in February 2021, the party registered the domain, a link that has since been shared 221 times on Facebook by various M-linked accounts.

During the summer of 2022, M, together with KD and L, also sponsored large amounts of posts on Facebook and Instagram about the property tax, posts that often claimed that S planned to reintroduce it.

Photo: Facsimile Facebook

That the Social Democrats would like to re-introduce the property tax is "completely absurd", claimed Magdalena Andersson on Sweden's Radio Ekot, a statement that resulted in a heated tax debate on Twitter.

Photo: Facsimile Twitter

What is all this about?

S has referred to a negative congressional decision on the estate tax - but can it be trusted?

In the video above, SVT's political reporter explains it all.