China News Service, August 9. According to comprehensive Taiwan media reports, Lin Zhijian, a candidate for mayor of Taoyuan of the Democratic Progressive Party, has been involved in a plagiarism controversy. If the circumstances are serious, it is recommended to revoke Lin Zhijian's master's degree.

Guan Zhongmin, president of National Taiwan University, said that the plagiarism incident this time has done great harm to the school's reputation, and the advocacy and education of academic ethics will be strengthened in the future.

  Guan Zhongmin said that the thesis involved plagiarism, and there were many speculations and emotional attacks from the outside world, which also caused another kind of damage to the school's reputation.

National Taiwan University has long established regulations on how to deal with plagiarism in student papers; after receiving the report, the school will initiate an investigation in accordance with relevant regulations without any delay.

  Guan Zhongmin said that the maintenance of academic ethics must rely on the conscious and independent judgment of scholars (including teachers and students).

This incident has brought us great vigilance; in the future, the National Taiwan Congress will strengthen the advocacy and education of academic ethics to avoid further violations of academic ethics and damage to the reputation of National Taiwan University.