While Cuba's plight after the civil uprising a year ago has faded into oblivion and the stricken island has sunk back into misery, there is a nice little excitement that reminds us at least vaguely of the Caribbean: the life of Fidel Castro's illegitimate daughter Alina Fernández is getting through turned the Spaniard Miguel Bardem - a cousin of Oscar winner Javier Bardem - into a biopic.

The fact that the renegade daughter fought the policies of the Cuban revolutionary leader from exile in Miami is not the most piquant part of the news.

But that the role of Castro was cast with Hollywood actor James Franco (44).

And here, again, what is scandalous is not Franco's notorious sex life, but the fact that a white American is supposed to impersonate a Cuban.

Industry publication Variety reported on Colombian-American actor John Leguizamo's Instagram protest, lamenting cultural "appropriation" and "the theft of our narratives."

His demand: boycott!

"How is this still going on?" On closer inspection, however, things get trickier.

Because Fidel Castro's father was Galician, i.e. a Spaniard from the extreme northwest, while James Franco has Portuguese ancestors, i.e. the immediate Iberian neighbors.

Incidentally, Castro was white as a bucket of lime, you can see it in the famous photos that “Máximo Líder” liked to have made of himself in a tracksuit long before the old age pictures.

The protestant John Leguizamo, on the other hand, has voiced Sid in every Ice Age movie without shame or qualms, and Sid is a sloth.

Should it be called animalistic appropriation?