[Global Times Comprehensive Report] An interview video involving relations between China and the Taiwan region attracted attention on Twitter on the 7th.

This interview comes from CNN, and the two dialogues are the co-founder of the well-known British rock band Pink Floyd, singer Roger Waters, and CNN host Michael Schmock. , the two sides talked about the political elements included in Waters' previous tour, such as a montage of images accusing US President Biden of being a "war criminal" on the big screen of the performance, and then talked about the relationship between China and Taiwan, Waters Rebutting Smoke in person: "Taiwan is part of China," he also warned the latter: "If you don't know, then you haven't read enough. Go read."

  The video shows that when talking about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Waters said: "Well, he (Biden) is adding fuel to the fire, this is a huge crime, why does the United States not encourage Zelensky to negotiate to To avoid this terrible war?"

  Under the tweet that posted the relevant video, Waters's statement has won the approval of many netizens.

Some netizens said: "Whether he is a musician or a historian, he understands the truth!"

  The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly stated that the historical and legal facts of the Taiwan issue are clear and clear, and no one or any force can deny or distort it.

(Suo Yanqi)