A sudden rise in villa electricity bills reveals the theft of the current

“The Primary Eye” obligated the defendant to pay the plaintiff 20,000 dirhams in compensation for material and moral damages.


A sudden rise in the electricity bills of a villa caused its owner to discover that a site official under construction had stolen the electricity by extending an electricity cable from the villa to the site, while the Al Ain Court of First Instance ruled, obligating the defendant (the site official) to pay the plaintiff 20,000 dirhams in compensation for damages Physical and moral.

In the details, the owner of a villa filed a lawsuit against a site official under construction, requesting, at the end of it, a ruling obligating him to pay him an amount of 50 thousand dirhams, with obligating him to pay fees and expenses, noting that he had noticed a sudden rise in the electricity bills of his villa, and when he went to the site, he saw an electricity cable Extending from the complex in which he lives, to a site under construction behind his villa, a criminal case was filed against the defendant as the responsible for that site, and he was convicted of that incident under a criminal judgment and fined him 5000 dirhams for the charge attributed to him.

During the consideration of the case, the plaintiff adhered to his request for compensation for the damages he sustained, represented in the damage to the electrical wiring of his villa, in addition to the value of the paid bills, and submitted a document for his claim, a copy of the police investigations, a copy of the penal judgment, a copy of the title deed of the villa, and copies of invoices issued From Al Ain Distribution Company clarifies the value of electricity consumption, while the defendant failed to appear despite his announcement.

For its part, the court made it clear in the merits of its ruling that the evidence from the papers was the conviction of the defendant in the criminal case, for illegally using one of the services of Al-Ain Distribution Company by extending an electric current from the plaintiff’s house to the work site on which it is based, and this ruling has become final Ultimately, the illegal act in question of this judgment was the one on which the plaintiff relied in his present case, and in the matter common to the two cases, he has the validity of the order decided before this court.

Regarding the request for compensation, the court indicated that according to the decision of the Civil Transactions Law that every harm to others obliges the doer, even if he is not distinguished, to guarantee the damage, noting that the defendant’s mistake caused material and moral damage to the plaintiff represented by increasing the loads on the private villa, and there was a causal relationship between Error and damage, the defendant is legally obligated to compensate the plaintiff for those damages, and the court ruled to obligate the defendant to pay the plaintiff an amount of 20,000 dirhams, with fees and expenses.

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