On August 2, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, China.

In this regard, people from many countries pointed out that Pelosi's visit to China's Taiwan region has seriously violated China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and seriously violated international law and basic norms of international relations. widespread condemnation.

International public opinion is looking forward to an authoritative Chinese voice.

The Taiwan question is China's internal affairs, and no foreign interference is allowed.

For China's internal affairs, China itself has the most say!

  China Central Radio and Television Station continued to pay attention to Pelosi's visit, and all centers and departments coordinated and responded quickly. The Taiwan Center, the Chinese Language Center, various overseas terminals, and international video news agencies will soon send out the news. As of the evening of August 5, a

number of hosts, reporters, and commentators have made nearly 100 intensive speeches in overseas mainstream media, and reports in 44 languages ​​have been approved. It has been widely reprinted and quoted by more than 3,000 media around the world.

The Headquarters, with progressive overseas reports on multiple platforms and multiple channels, solemnly declares the position and attitude of the Chinese people to the world on China's internal affairs.

  Island media, "full coverage!"

Taiwan is China's Taiwan, and Taiwan compatriots are eager to hear the Chinese voice from the main station.

The content of international video news agency has achieved full coverage on mainstream TV stations in Taiwan.

As of 10:00 on August 5, a total of 13

TV stations in Taiwan, China, including Taiwan TVB, Taiwan Zhongtian News, Taiwan Zhongshi News, and Taiwan Dongsen TV,

continued to use the main news content of the main station, and broadcast a total of

1,173 times.

, an increase of 58% over the previous day (10:00 on August 4), and the total broadcast time was 5 hours, 41 minutes and 58 seconds.

People's attention is the will of the people.

The expectations of the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait for the reunification of the motherland have never changed and will not change, and any attempt to split the motherland will never succeed!

  The Headquarters Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Center continuously broadcasted "Chongtai Strait Times Commentary" such as "Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP authorities will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame" and other "Chongtai Strait Times", which caused strong repercussions on the island. The excellent electronic newspaper and other media reported on the island, and the famous people and netizens on the island responded enthusiastically and expressed the voice of justice.

Screenshot of the comment article published by Taiwan Zhongshi News Network

  Many self-media on the island have forwarded the short video of famous people on the island released by the new media account "Watching Taiwan Sea" of the main station "Taiwan scholars shouted to the DPP, "Who called Pelosi?" "Jie Wenji: Pelosi?" Losey, look in the mirror and see what ugly face you




300 million times


Among them, "Taiwan Scholars Shout Out to the Democratic Progressive Party, "Who Called Pelosi?" has been read more than

130 million times

, with

2.55 million likes and



. Netizens on both sides of the Taiwan Strait have left messages expressing their support. .

  China's position, confrontation!

  In the face of the uproar in the international public opinion field, the headquarters boldly displayed its sword, acted positively, confronted head-to-head, and spoke out

intensively with

"China's position and world vision" ,

comprehensively and powerfully clarifying objective facts to the world and safeguarding national interests.

  On August 2, Beijing time, on the news that Pelosi may visit Taiwan, China, the CGTN English host Wang Guan accepted an interview with the BBC News program.

This is the first time that a Chinese media has

been interviewed by a Western mainstream media

since the relevant news was released .

  In the interview, Wang Guan sorted out the history of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, objectively expounded China's position, and rationally analyzed potential progress.

When the BBC host mentioned that the U.S. claimed that Pelosi's visit did not represent a change in the U.S. government's position on the Taiwan issue, Wang Guan used the familiar expression "good cop, bad cop" to point out that it was nothing more than the United States singing a red face and a It is a play of white faces, which exposes and criticizes the hypocritical nature of the U.S. government in one sentence, and

conveys a sober and wise Chinese attitude to the world.

A number of anchors and commentators in

English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian

of   CGTN have successively connected with


international mainstream media or published signed articles. Press TV), Latin American Press Union, Benin E-TELE TV, French 24-hour TV, Saudi Arabia TV and Israel's 24-hour news channel, including the interview and connection of many international media, took the initiative to explain China's position, analyze the Perez. The hypocritical motive behind Losey's provocative act is to expose and criticize the US's behavior of "saying one thing and doing another" on the Taiwan issue and violating China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

  The Ora Center of the Headquarters

produced "Quick Yan Kuaiyu -- Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan: Wrong Choice at the Wrong Time" and "The Eastern Theater has launched a joint military operation around Taiwan Island" in

German, Serbian, Albanian

and other languages. A series of news products to clarify our position and introduce the rationality and necessity of China's countermeasures.

  Reporters from the Serbian Ministry and Serbian National Television reported "China lodges solemn representations and strong protests to the US over Pelosi's visit to Taiwan"

Multilingual anchors and commentators in

Turkish, Hebrew, Hausa, Nepali, Mongolian

, etc.   of the Asia-Africa Center of the General Taiwan Center have successively accepted TV stations from Israel, Turkey A Haber TV, Turkey TGRT TV, Turkey Haberturk TV, etc.

At the same time, a number of foreign journalists and overseas special commentators have conducted interviews with mainstream media in Asian and African countries such as Nigeria's "Leader" website, Nepal's Light News Network, Kenya's "People's Daily", Mongolian media SONIN.MN and other Asian and African countries. Publish comments and signed articles to explain the rationality and legitimacy of China's position and countermeasures to the outside world, introduce the historical latitude and longitude of the Taiwan issue, and expose and criticize the perfidy of the United States on the Taiwan issue.

Multilingual dissemination, stereo sound!

To clarify falsehoods and distinguish right from wrong, the Chinese voice from the headquarters leads the international public opinion.

The multilingual related reports produced by CGTN, the Euler Center, and the Asia-Africa Center have been widely reprinted and quoted by international media.

As of 16:00 on August 5, the CGTN English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian language platforms have released a total of


related reports , with a cumulative global reading volume of

148 million

and video viewing volume exceeding

40 million


The reports of the Euler Center and the Asia-Africa Center in

37 languages ​​have been

reprinted by more than 280 mainstream media in

Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and other countries .

  Among them, the relevant content published on the CGTN five-language platform has been obtained by Agence France-Presse, the Argentine National News Agency, the official website of the Chilean Radio Cooperative, the Algerian Independent Youth Daily, the Burkina Faso Tinga News Website, the Cameroon African News, and the Russian government agencies. It has been forwarded and quoted by international media such as the official website of the Russian newspaper "Russian News", Belarusian State TV 2, the official website of "Kazakhstan Industrial News", the official website of St. Petersburg Radio Metro 102.4FM and the contact network (VK) account, and relevant reports on social platforms have also been received. Forwarded by media from the United States, Cuba, Japan, Myanmar, South Africa, Turkey and other countries.

  The multilingual news reports produced by the Euler Center of the Headquarters have appeared on mainstream media platforms in many countries, and


key articles have been published in the German version of "European Times", Ukraine's Channel 8, Serbia Beta News Agency, Albania NOA News Agency, Bulgaria "24 Hours" ” was published by


mainstream media

in countries such as the website , covering an audience of

130 million


  In addition, the Albanian language department and national and regional media such as Albanian National Television, British ALB UK Television, North Macedonian RTV21 Television, Kosovo T7 Television and other national and regional media jointly conducted a special report "Pelosi's visit to Taiwan will lead to serious consequences", the program covers the Western Balkans There are more


7 million

Albanian residents and the majority of Albanian diaspora groups.

  Up to now, the statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the spokesperson of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the Taiwan Work Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, the Eastern Theater Command, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has been produced by the General Taiwan Center for Asia and Africa.

1,258 articles

related to talk and talk

, with a total reading volume of

10.72 million , and were reprinted

9,367 times

by the media of Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Turkey and other countries


  Jump up, stir up the turbid and clear!

  The overseas terminal of the main station gave full play to its role in the front line of international public opinion, and made intensive voices in the overseas mainstream media, so that countries around the world could understand the right and wrong behind the visit.

  From August 2nd to 4th, reporters from the

Middle East Terminal and the Asia-Pacific Terminal

participated in Saudi Arabian TV, Saudi Oriental TV, Saudi 24 TV, British Sky News Arabic Channel, Egypt Tomorrow TV, Israel 24-hour News Channel, Indonesia Meidu TV stations and other local mainstream media prime-time programs express China's solemn position and detail the historical latitude and longitude of the Taiwan issue.

The North American Terminus immediately

collected the United Nations spokesperson's answer to the reporter's question, emphasizing that the United Nations adheres to the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 and follows the one-China principle. It was reprinted and quoted by 74 mainstream media in North America and other countries, including Benzinga, a US financial industry information website, One News Page, a British news portal, and Canadian Insider, a mainstream media in Canada.

The European terminus

interviewed Martin Jacques, a senior researcher and well-known scholar at Cambridge University, and Stephen Perry, chairman of the Forty-Eight Group Club in the United Kingdom, to expose the political purpose behind Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and the serious consequences it brought.

The Latin American terminal

invited Argentine hosts to cooperate with the launch of the "See the World" program, exposing that Pelosi's visit violated international law and grossly interfered in China's internal affairs.

Relying on the news column "China Panorama" jointly organized by

Asia-Europe Station and Russia's Great Asia TV, it broadcasts relevant reports such as the statement of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the relevant content is also broadcast on its new media platform.

The relevant news released by the African terminus

was forwarded and quoted by mainstream African media such as Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and Zambia 5FM radio station, covering a population of over 80 million.

Rock solid, global source!

The content released by the main station is objective and authoritative, and has become an important source of information for the global media.

The Headquarters International Video News Agency focuses on the authoritative positions of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, and the Eastern Theater Command, and visualizes the compilation and distribution of relevant comments and remarks such as "International Sharp Review", "Yuyuan Tantian", "General Taiwan Strait Times Review", etc., to clarify our position and principles. , continued to intensively expose and criticize Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China, which led to tensions in the Taiwan Strait and serious damage to Sino-US relations.

  As of 10:00 on August 5, the International Video News Agency had compiled and distributed


news materials related to the main station , and a total of


news materials were published by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), CNN, and the American Consumer News and Business Channel. (CNBC), Sky News, France 24, France TV, Deutsche Welle, Radio Italia, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Russia's Channel 1, Japan Broadcasting Association Television (NHK), South Korea's KBS Television, Brazil's Universal Television It has been adopted by


TV stations and new media platforms in


countries and regions,

including National Television of India, Channel News Asia of Singapore, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Qatar Al Jazeera .

  Among them, the number of TV stations in G7 countries accounted for


, and the number of TV stations in G20 countries accounted for



It also includes


TV stations in the United States, accounting for


, covering ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX, CBS (CBS), American Public Television Network (PBS) and other mainstream American television networks.

The rock-solid Chinese voice from the main station has spread widely in American society.

China's position

authoritative statement

listen to Chinese voice

Continue to pay attention to the main station report

  The data is provided by the editor-in-chief, CGTN, Euler Center, Asia-Africa Center, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Center, State Communications Bureau, and International Vision.

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