From the job description, it follows that the State Department structure is looking for a US citizen for the position of senior law enforcement adviser to work in Ukraine.

In this position, he will assess the needs of local law enforcement agencies for "equipment" (what exactly is being discussed, is not specified), as well as oversee its gratuitous transfer and proper delivery to the receiving party.

The adviser will need to provide recommendations to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine regarding working methods, staffing standards, as well as the development and reform of special forces, “including through the provision of certain training.”

The specialist should also provide assistance and advice to the government of Ukraine as a whole.

As specified in the document, we are talking about “the development, implementation and promotion of systemic, organizational, legal and regulatory reforms in the law enforcement and criminal justice sectors.”

“The main long-term goal of the program ... is to assist the host country in achieving European and international standards in the field of law enforcement in preparation for subsequent integration into the European Union.

This includes assistance to modernize and increase the capacity of Ukrainian law enforcement and criminal justice institutions,” the document says.

In the basic version, the adviser will work at the US Embassy in Kyiv.

Alternatively, accommodation is allowed, for example, in the eastern part of Poland, in Frankfurt or Washington, with frequent business trips to Ukraine.

A contract with a competitively selected candidate for the position will be concluded for a year with the possibility of extension.

The salary can vary from $91.5 thousand to $134.3 thousand.

In June, it was reported that the United States plans to provide Ukrainian police and border guards with precision-guided firearms and ammunition. 

On August 1, it became known that US leader Joe Biden signed a memorandum providing Ukraine with another $550 million military aid package.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly said that the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine only prolongs the conflict and exacerbates existing problems.