The head of the Transitional Military Council in Chad, Mohamed Idriss Deby, arrived Friday evening in Doha, in preparation for the upcoming signing of a peace agreement with the armed opposition, according to diplomats.

Doha is scheduled to witness the resumption of talks between the Chadian government and armed groups after they were repeatedly postponed, as an 18-month timetable was set for organizing national elections since the talks began on March 13. 

Opposition groups had previously stipulated that Déby abstain from running in the elections, but the government insists that this demand can only be discussed in a national dialogue.

Under the agreement, which is supposed to be signed next Monday, the military council and the opposition groups will abide by a comprehensive cease-fire and grant security guarantees to the leaders of the armed groups.

The French Press Agency quoted diplomatic sources as saying that last-minute obstacles may lead to delaying the signing, as one of the diplomats stated that part of the Chadian government does not fully support the negotiations, and seeks to prevent the signing of the agreement in its current form.

He added that the government delegation requested at the last minute to amend the text of the agreement after all parties agreed to it.

Mohamed Idriss Deby was appointed head of the military council in April 2021, the day after it was announced that his father had been killed at the front in confrontations with the armed opposition, after he ruled Chad for more than 30 years.