• Caldas The fire has already burned 350 hectares

  • Ávila A total of 18 aerial means fight to extinguish a fire near Santa Cruz del Valle

The Cures

fire , in Boiro (A Coruña),

started on Thursday afternoon, has already burned 600 hectares, according to the latest data provided by the


and if it was already necessary to evict the

700 people from the Ría de Arosa campsite ,

in the neighboring municipality of

Ribeira, now the


hospital is of concern .

The mayor of this last locality,

Manuel Ruiz Rivas,

has given an order to enable the sports centers to shelter the people who need it.

There are cut accesses, a very wide front that imposes, and the control tasks are being very complicated by the wind.

The town of

A Pobra do Caramiñal,

adjacent to Boiro, has also been affected.

In this fire, situation two is maintained, a preventive measure adopted due to the proximity of the flames to inhabited areas.

Another fire, that of

Mourentán, in Arbo (Pontevedra),

has been controlled tonight after burning 400 hectares.

The evolution of fires begins with active fires, goes to stabilized, continues to controlled and ends when they are extinguished.

Rural Environment reminds that the free telephone number 085 is available to the public, which they should call in case of detecting a forest fire.

In addition, there is an anonymous and free telephone number, 900 815 085, to report any suspected or known criminal arson activity.

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