On the 5th (local time), foreign media such as CNN and BBC reported that American Hollywood star Kevin Spacey (63) had to pay more than 40 billion won in compensation to the production company of the drama 'House of Cards' as he was embroiled in sexual assault allegations.

Los Angeles (LA) High Court Judge Mel Red Rekana ordered Spacey to pay $30.1 million (about 40.2 billion won) to Media Rights Capital (MRC), the maker of the House of Cards, on the 4th.

Previously, MRC dropped Spacey from 'House of Cards' in 2017 after allegations of sexual assault on multiple occasions surfaced.

He gained popularity by playing the lead role of 'Frank Underwood' in this drama.

MRC demanded compensation from Spacey, claiming that "After the sexual harassment allegations were exposed, the production was halted to alleviate the concerns of the producers." "The process cost millions of dollars."

Spacey responded by saying, "Spacey's actions are only sexual jokes and are nothing more than puns with no intention of violating MRC's anti-bullying policy," but the court did not accept this.

"Spacey's actions constitute a grave breach of the contract with the MRC," the court said.

Spacey was a famous actress who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for her films 'American Beauty' and 'The Usual Suspect', but 'Me Too'

It collapsed as the revelations continued.

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