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Chen Zhenfeng, Member of Jiusan Society, Executive Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Resources Chemistry and Drug Molecular Engineering Co-constructed by Guangxi Normal University

 Chen Zhenfeng: Give full play to the advantages of national medicine

  Good news for cancer patients

  "Guangxi is the 'treasure house of natural medicines' and 'the hometown of Chinese medicinal materials'. Zhuang medicine, Yao medicine and other ethnic medicines have a long history and unique effects. I hope that through my efforts, I will give full play to the advantages of Guangxi's ethnic medicine resources and develop more new medicines for cancer patients. Bringing good news," said Chen Zhenfeng, a member of Jiusan Society and executive deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Resource Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Molecular Engineering jointly built by Guangxi Normal University.

  Since graduating from Nanjing University with a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry in 2001, Chen Zhenfeng has been adhering to the concept of "chemistry is the discipline of discovering, creating and exploring matter", and has become an influential researcher in the field of international inorganic medicinal chemistry by virtue of his tenacity and innovative spirit. Positive impact in academia and industry.

He is currently a second-level professor and doctoral supervisor of Guangxi Normal University. He is a national-level candidate for the National "Hundreds and Tens of Thousands of Talents Project", a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding national contributions, an expert who enjoys the special government allowance of the State Council, and the leader of the "Innovative Research Team" of the Ministry of Education. The first batch of "Bagui Scholars" in Guangxi and candidates for the Ministry of Education's "New Century Excellent Talents Support Program", and as the person in charge, he has presided over and completed 5 National Natural Science Foundation projects and the Ministry of Education's "Innovative Team Development Program" projects and Guangxi Natural Science The fund innovation team project has made important contributions to the development of medicinal chemistry in Guangxi and the disease treatment of some cancer patients.

In 2021, he will be awarded the title of "Advanced Individual" in the selection and commendation activity jointly organized by the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Committee of various democratic parties and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

  Chen Zhenfeng said that the spirit of academic ingenuity is to seek truth and be pragmatic, and the innovative word "creation" emphasizes the originality and uniqueness of scientific research, which can better reflect the academic value from scratch; In the direction of medicinal chemistry, he will conduct "unprecedented" academic research; a series of active metal anti-tumor compounds jointly discovered with Professor Liang Hong will have a positive effect on the development of human anti-cancer career.

  Chen Zhenfeng was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in Canada. The cutting-edge, distinctive and shared nature of international academic exchanges provided direction for his future scientific research experiments and enriched his professional transformation confidence in exploring pharmacy from chemistry.

After returning to China, he took the lead in proposing and promoting the Lijiang International Pharmacy Forum to further deepen the international exchange of traditional Chinese medicine in Guangxi, and provide a reference template for the internationalization of scientific and technological innovation in Guangxi and even the whole country.

  Chen Zhenfeng said that bold experiments are the magic weapon for the success of all technological innovations. Careful verification is the most basic attitude of all scientific experiments. Doing drug research is a conscience project. He will work with his colleagues to contribute to human health and well-being.

Qin Huaiyu·Deputy Secretary General of Guangxi Non-Party Intellectuals Association·Director of Juvenile Legal Education Research Institute of Nanning Normal University, Master's Tutor

Qin Huaiyu: Give full play to the role of non-party intellectuals

  Promoting the Construction of a Scientific Legislative System

  As the deputy secretary general of the Guangxi Non-Party Intellectuals Association, the director of the Juvenile Legal Education Institute of Nanning Normal University, and a postgraduate tutor, Qin Huaiyu usually assumes different social responsibilities with different identities and roles. On the other hand, give full play to its professional advantages to provide various forms of legal services for the society, and play an active role in promoting the construction of local democracy and scientific legislative system.

  Qin Huaiyu came from an educational family. After graduating from university, he taught at Nanning Normal University and became a law teacher.

In the past 29 years since teaching, Qin Huaiyu has been actively exploring the field of scientific research and teaching. He has successively opened a number of courses such as "Introduction to Xi Jinping's Thought on the Rule of Law", "Constitutional Studies", "Introduction to Law", and strengthened cooperation with various units at all levels to carry out legal education. Expanding to primary and secondary schools and even the whole society, it has made positive contributions to education, especially the legal education of young people.

With rich teaching experience and remarkable teaching achievements, Qin Huaiyu was elected as the vice president of Guangxi Constitutional Law Research Association and a director of Guangxi Legal Education Research Association.

  Since 2012, Qin Huaiyu has successively served as the deputy chief prosecutor of the Yulin Procuratorate as a non-party representative, served as a legislative expert consultant to the Guangxi People's Congress, and studied in the non-party youth class of Guangxi Socialism College.

  In 2022, Qin Huaiyu was hired as the first 100 off-campus training social supervisors in the country.

From the "teacher in the ivory tower" to the "non-partisan person", Tan Huaiyu, who holds several positions, takes time out of his legal research to engage in political advice and work, and has successively written and participated in the drafting of the "Guangxi Ethnic Education Promotion Regulations" (Expert Suggestion Draft), "Guangxi "Guangxi "Juvenile Rule of Law Education Outline" and other policies and regulations", and wrote "Guangxi's integration into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Five Same Tracks" and other suggestions.

  "With the in-depth implementation of the curriculum reform and the further advancement of the construction of the rule of law, I will continue to work hard to promote the reform of legal education and teaching, comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching, and make more and greater contributions to the cause of party and state education and the construction of the rule of law in China. ." Qin Huaiyu said.

Qin Bin, Chairman of the Council of Guangxi New Social Class Association, Chief Partner of Guangxi Chenyi Law Firm

Qin Bin: Helping to optimize the business environment

  Provide professional legal consulting services for enterprises

  "Guangxi's new social class has a wide coverage, strong professional ability, active thinking, and is the leader in all walks of life. We will maximize their strength to contribute and play a role in building a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Serve the high-quality development of Guangxi and draw the biggest 'concentric circle' for common development." Qin Bin, chairman of the Council of Guangxi New Social Class Association, said in an interview.

  After obtaining a master's degree in law from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Qin Bin worked in a Guangxi law firm. It has been nearly 25 years since he was a paralegal and now the chief partner of Guangxi Chenyi Law Firm. Qualified and qualified attorney for securities practitioners.

  As a representative of the legal community in Guangxi, he actively participates in the trial of public interest litigation cases and strives for legitimate interests for the masses. With his good reputation and professional skills, he has won praise from all walks of life.

  "The development of a law firm not only needs to create economic value, but also shoulders certain social responsibilities. Based on the problems found in the process of lawyers' practice, we actively perform the duties of deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and put forward dozens of proposals, proposals and suggestions. The response and adoption of relevant departments have contributed to the construction of the rule of law in Guangxi." Qin Bin said.

  Since serving as the president of Guangxi's new social-class people's association, Qin Bin has taken serving the development of Guangxi as the primary task, gathering social conditions and public opinion, and establishing a new social-class professional service group in Guangxi, setting up lawyers, certified public accountants, certified tax agents, There are 6 sub-groups including appraisers, enterprise management consultants and digital technology consultants, and currently there are more than 200 members in the database.

Qin Bin said that with the purpose of "based on professionalism, contributing wisdom, serving the society, and boosting development", the service group has successively held a number of activities in Nanning, Baise, Liuzhou, Guigang and other places to provide enterprises with a full range of professional consulting services , to help the development of private enterprises in Guangxi.

  At the same time, he also focused on poverty-stricken areas in Guangxi with people from new social classes in Guangxi, and held a series of social welfare activities such as donating to school and supporting the construction of "Thanksgiving Supermarket", which effectively promoted the development of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

  From "the defender of legal dignity" to "the bridge between the government and the people", Qin Bin said that in the future, the association will also organize and hold a series of rich activities to promote the main theme, spread positive energy, and convey the positive attitude of people from new social classes. mental outlook and social responsibility.

Machanglin·President of Guangxi General Chamber of Commerce in Poland

Ma Changlin: Building a bridge of friendship between China and Europe

  Promote economic and cultural exchanges between Guangxi and Europe

  "Guangxi has good climate conditions. In recent years, the quality and quantity of high-end agricultural products have been greatly improved. With the accelerated construction of the new western land-sea corridor connecting Europe and ASEAN, the transportation is more convenient, and the entrepreneurs of the chamber of commerce will bring more high-quality products from the old revolutionary areas of Guangxi. Agricultural products are shipped to Europe for sales, promoting economic, trade and cultural exchanges between Guangxi and Europe," said Ma Changlin, president of the Polish Guangxi General Chamber of Commerce.

  Ma Changlin grew up in Guilin, Guangxi. He loves music and studied clarinet in the Guilin Song and Dance Troupe and the Beijing Central Orchestra.

In 1982, Ma Changlin was admitted to the Music Department of Guangxi Arts Institute, majoring in clarinet. In 1986, he went to Japan to study, majoring in economics and management.

In 1990, unable to let go of his love for music, he was admitted to the University of Erlangen in Germany to study music theory, and he entered into a marriage after knowing and falling in love with his current wife.

  Because his wife is half of Polish blood, Ma Changlin went to Poland with his wife after marriage, and opened a small restaurant with the funds accumulated in Germany's work-study program.

With good taste and hard work, Ma Changlin turned the small restaurant into a big business and opened more than 100 chain stores in many cities in Poland.

  Since 1995, Ma Changlin, who has earned the first pot of gold in his life, has expanded his business scope to shoes, clothing, hardware, flowers, machinery trade and other fields. well-known entrepreneurs.

  "The growth of my personal career is inseparable from the development and strength of the motherland." Ma Changlin said.

He said that in the early days of his business, China was accelerating the pace of opening up to the outside world. High-quality and cheap Chinese goods were very popular in Poland, and the supply was often in short supply. When business was good, the company ordered more than 1,000 containers of goods from China every year. .

  With the acceleration of the construction of the new land-sea corridor in the west, the connection between Guangxi and Europe has become increasingly convenient, and the trade cooperation has gradually deepened. Ma Changlin obtained business opportunities from it and chose to return to Guangxi for development.

In recent years, Ma Changlin has successively invested in Guilin, Nanning, Laibin, Beihai and other places. The projects involve real estate, intelligent manufacturing, commerce and other fields.

  "On August 2, 2019, the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially established. Guangxi's business environment has been continuously optimized, business services have been increasingly improved, and the Chinese market is huge. I have placed the focus of my career development on Guangxi." Ma Changlin said.

At present, Ma Changlin has built the Nanning Changlin Center Project in the Nanning Area of ​​the Guangxi Pilot Free Trade Zone and participated in the construction of the China-ASEAN Financial City.

  In recent years, as Liugong Group and other large-scale enterprises in Guangxi have come to Poland to acquire enterprises and set up offices, more and more Guangxi people have come to Poland for development.

In order to facilitate international trade exchanges and unite Guangxi businessmen doing business in Poland, Ma Changlin gave full play to his own advantages and initiated the establishment of the Polish Guangxi General Chamber of Commerce to build a bridge between Guangxi and Poland in economic, trade and cultural exchanges.

  Ma Changlin told reporters that since the establishment of the Polish Guangxi General Chamber of Commerce, it has also promoted the establishment of friendship district-province relations between the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Polish Carpathian Province; promoted the three cities of Guilin, Fangchenggang and Laibin in Guangxi, respectively, with Torun and Rzeszow in Poland. The city and the city of Elblag have established sister city relations, and organized art groups to carry out mutual visits and exchange performances.

  In 2019, with the help of the Polish Guangxi Chamber of Commerce, Poland participated in the 16th China-ASEAN Expo as a specially invited partner.

The Polish Guangxi General Chamber of Commerce also hosted the China-Poland Entrepreneurs Roundtable together with the Guangxi State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat and other units to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Polish enterprises, strengthen friendly exchanges, and build friendship bridges. To further promote better and faster development of China-Poland economic and trade relations.

  "After the epidemic is over, I will hold a number of entrepreneurial dialogues and other activities to promote practical cooperation between Guangxi and Poland, promote the implementation of projects, and achieve win-win cooperation." Ma Changlin said.

Huang Dong · Vice Chairman of Guangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce · Chairman of Guangxi Weizhuang Investment Group

Huang Dong: Actively Fulfill Social Responsibilities

  Contribute to rural revitalization

  "As private entrepreneurs, we should take promoting social development as our own responsibility, go beyond the traditional thinking of maximizing economic interests, and integrate personal interests and business operations into the overall interests of society in order to achieve greater development." Guangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce Huang Dong, vice chairman and chairman of Guangxi Weizhuang Investment Group, said.

  Huang Dong is a private entrepreneur who grew up in Guangxi. Since his establishment in 2001, his company has become a core business in infrastructure construction, smart city services, sports industry, etc. A comprehensive enterprise group with comprehensive development in investment and other fields, ranking 30th among the top 100 private enterprises in Guangxi.

  While developing his career, Huang Dong actively contributes to the society and contributes to rural revitalization.

  During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Huang Dong fulfilled his social responsibility and donated more than 3 million yuan in materials and materials successively. Under his leadership, Guangxi Yulin City Jade Merchants Association donated 18.8822 million yuan and 250,000 masks during the anti-epidemic process. .

  As the chairman of the chamber of commerce, Huang Dong actively leads and participates in the "Jade Merchant Return" activity by leading by example. A total of 43 projects have been introduced and settled in Yulin City, Guangxi, with a total investment of 48.575 billion yuan.

  Adhering to the concept of revitalizing education first in rural revitalization, Huang Dong provided comprehensive assistance to Shi Village, Town, Fumian District, Yulin City, assisted many schools in the village to improve infrastructure construction, supported many primary schools to carry out extracurricular themed learning activities, and established Wei Zhuang Scholarship to attract teachers to stay in the school to teach.

  At the same time, Huang Dong built the "Vibrant Town Stone" rural revitalization project in Zhenshi Village, Fumian District, Yulin City, and used his influence in the sports field of Guangxi to build a "Xiangzhen Basketball Town". Through competitions, youth training and other resources Import, promote "sports + agriculture" and "sports + tourism", promote the integrated development of multiple industries in rural areas, and embark on a "hematopoietic" rural revitalization road, which truly realizes a win-win situation for villages and enterprises.

  At present, Weizhuang Group will also study the development plan of agarwood industry with Beiliu City, Yulin, and drive the development of agarwood industry in Liujing Town, Shiwo Town and other places in Beiliu City, and form agarwood production, processing, sales, cultural exhibition, exhibition, tourism, medical care and nursing. and other whole industrial chain, and promote the integrated development of industrial upgrading and rural revitalization.

  In January 2021, Huang Dong was elected as the executive director of the China Guangcai Association, and his company was awarded the honor of "Outstanding Participation in the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and Active Contribution to the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic and Economic and Social Development" by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce plaque.