Alexandra Jaegy, edited by Romain Rouillard 07:18, August 06, 2022

Several departments are still under the threat of forest fires due to drought and very high temperatures.

However, some influencers do not hesitate to share content in which they demonstrate inappropriate or even dangerous behavior in the face of the risk of a fire starting. 

Hikes and bivouacs are very popular on social networks and some influencers have understood this.

The latter do not hesitate to share content that sometimes shows inappropriate or even dangerous behavior while several departments remain vigilant in the face of the risk of fires. 

In a video, a group of men bivouac and cook on an improvised fire in the middle of the forest and on the ground in the Cévennes national park.

These images could have gone unnoticed, but this hiker is followed by nearly 6,000 people on YouTube.

An inadmissible behavior for Anne Legile, director of the park: "The bivouac is prohibited in the heart of the park and above all, in this period of drought, it presents a very significant risk. So, we do not want these videos to be relayed and that 'they can give bad ideas to other people'. 

Two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros in the event of a fire starting

And for good reason, the national park deplores three outbreaks of fire in two months.

Many similar videos have not been taken down by some influencers, despite requests from the park which notified YouTube and Instagram.

“We discussed with the public prosecutor who agreed to give us the agreement, to enter YouTube and Instagram to ask them for the contact details of these people”, explains Anne Legile. 

Making a fire in a national park or a forest is punishable by two years in prison and a fine of €30,000, in the event that a fire were to break out.