“The first is low-quality food bought somewhere in a cafe or even on the beach, where the temperature is high and there is no way to cool the food to prevent the development of bacteria.

That is, insufficient operation of refrigeration units, ”the specialist said.

Also, according to him, food infections are often the causes.

“You can get poisoned by fruit that has begun to rot.

It is best to eat only those foods that do not require refrigeration, that is, dry: cookies, crackers, biscuits.

Everything that can deteriorate should be purchased only in those places where there is a refrigerator - this is the law, ”said the head of the Preventive Medicine direction at NTI HealthNet.

In addition, the expert advised buying bottled and preferably chilled water.

“Sometimes it happens that people swallow water while swimming in pools, rivers and reservoirs.

This can also cause a viral infection, ”the RT interlocutor added.

Another common reason is the lack of hygiene, Chudakov recalled.

“In general, you should definitely have an antiseptic with you in the summer.

It is worth remembering that many people are asymptomatic carriers of dysentery and can infect you in public places, ”he concluded.

Earlier, dietitian Elena Solomatina spoke about the dangers of food sold on the beach.