China News Service, Brussels, August 5th. The spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the European Union responded to the remarks of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on Taiwan on the 5th, saying that the relevant remarks are unprincipled favoritism and connivance to the perpetrator and the provocateur. Fairness and justice, China will never accept this.

  A reporter asked, on August 5th, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said in his speech at the ASEAN Regional Forum that the EU has an interest in maintaining peace and the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. Economic Zone” expressed concern that it would lead to instability and escalation, stressing that no one should unilaterally use force to change the status quo.

What is China's comment?

  The spokesperson of the Chinese mission to the European Union said that the current tension in the Taiwan Strait is entirely provoked by the United States and the "Taiwan independence" forces.

If the status quo in the Taiwan Strait has changed, it is undoubtedly caused by the unilateral changes by the US and Taiwan separatist forces. The responsibility lies with the US, "Taiwan independence", not China.

Malicious provocations by the United States and "Taiwan independence" are at the forefront, while China's legitimate defense is at the back.

The cause and effect are clear, and the right and wrong are clear at a glance.

  Regarding the European side's claim that "missiles flew over Taiwan and landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone", the spokesman said that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory.

It is irrefutable that China's sovereignty includes Taiwan, and no foreign party should interfere.

China and Japan have not yet demarcated the boundary in the relevant waters. As for the "falling point", China has never recognized that it belongs to Japan's exclusive economic zone.

  The spokesperson pointed out that China has forewarned the consequences of EU Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and the provocation of "Taiwan independence" forces in advance, and the responsibility for the current situation rests entirely with the United States.

Instead of discouraging it, the EU echoed the G7 statement and made inappropriate remarks at this time, completely confounding right and wrong.

  The spokesperson emphasized that the words "maintain calm", "keep restraint" and "avoid escalation of the situation" are unprincipled favoritism and connivance to the provocateurs, and there is no minimum fairness and justice. China will never accept this.

If the EU is really worried that its interests will be damaged, it should clearly and openly oppose the interference of external forces and the arrogance of the "Taiwan independence" forces.

  The spokesperson urged the EU, if it still takes the UN Charter seriously and has not put aside the minimum concept of respecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity, please earnestly respect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and do not meddle in China's internal affairs. Forget the commitment of the European Community when it established diplomatic relations with China, which is the political foundation of China-EU relations.

Leaving aside the concepts of sovereignty and territorial integrity, talking about Taiwan-related issues has no legal significance, let alone a political basis.