China News Agency, Toronto, August 5 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) The Canadian government announced on August 5 that it will temporarily ban the import of restricted-grade pistols from August 19.

Canadian officials say the move will help push for a nationwide handgun ban as soon as possible.

  After the temporary ban takes effect, no individual or business can import handguns into Canada unless exempted by law.

  This is the latest move by the Canadian government to implement a comprehensive gun control plan to curb the rise in gun crime in the country in recent years.

Canadian Foreign Minister Jolly and Public Safety Minister Mendicino said that the relevant measures being implemented by the Canadian government also include investing in crime prevention projects, strengthening border operations, banning assault weapons, and introducing Bill C-21.

  The federal government of Canada submitted Bill C-21 to Congress at the end of May this year, which aims to strengthen gun control. It intends to completely ban the import, sale and transfer of handguns, revoke gun licenses for those who commit domestic violence or criminal harassment, and strengthen the fight against gun smuggling and criminal harassment. Trafficking etc.

  After the vicious shooting in Nova Scotia in April 2020 that killed 22 people, the Canadian federal government announced that it will put about 1,500 assault guns on the "prohibited" category control list and will introduce a buyback program for this purpose. .

But that list does not include handguns.

In addition, the Canadian government has submitted to Congress regulatory amendments to the Firearms Act, which are expected to take effect this fall.

  Official statistics show that between 2010 and 2020, the number of handguns registered in the country increased by 71% to about 1.1 million.

Between 2009 and 2020, 59 percent of violent gun-related crimes in the country involved handguns.

The number of firearms seized by Canadian law enforcement agencies at the border in 2021 will more than double from the previous year.