Writes about this agency Bloomberg.

The material says that foreign companies are facing huge losses in connection with their decision to leave the Russian market.

Johann Strobl, chief executive of the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank, said that his bank's profits are growing, given the strengthening of the ruble, but for those who have decided to liquidate their business in Russia, the strong Russian currency has become a "headache".

In addition, the article also provides confirmation of the French credit bank Societe Generale SA that in the second quarter its pre-tax losses due to leaving the Russian market amounted to €3.3 billion.

As Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten noted earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin was right when he said that the West's economic blitzkrieg against Russia had failed because Moscow was "well prepared for an economic war."

The British magazine The Economist also wrote that the Russian economy is showing resilience despite unprecedented sanctions from the West.