China News Service, August 5th. Wang Yongming, a second-level inspector of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said on the 5th that since the launch of the "Hundred-Day Operation", the national criminal investigation departments have detected a total of 124 cases of abduction and trafficking of women and children, arrested 321 criminal suspects and found them. 153 missing and abducted women and children were returned.

  On the same day, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to report the progress and effectiveness of the "Hundred Days Action".

A reporter asked at the meeting: What illegal and criminal activities have the criminal investigation departments of the public security cracked down on in the "Hundred Days Action"?

What overall results have been achieved?

  In this regard, Wang Yongming introduced that since the launch of the "Hundred Days Action" of the national public security organs' summer public security crackdown and rectification, the criminal investigation departments at all levels have conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, based on their criminal investigation responsibilities, paid close attention to cracking cases, and made every effort to overcome difficulties. Class prominent criminals continued to maintain a high-pressure situation, and achieved phased results.

As of the end of July, criminal investigation departments across the country have cracked 64,000 criminal cases of various types and arrested 92,000 criminal suspects, effectively purifying the public security environment and resolutely maintaining social stability.

Criminal investigation departments mainly carry out crackdown work from the following aspects:

The first is to crack down on crimes against the legitimate rights and interests of vulnerable groups.

Since the launch of the "Hundred Days Action", the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has coordinated and promoted the special operations currently being carried out to crack down on the crime of trafficking in women and children, the crime of sexual assault, and the crime of elder-care fraud. There were 321 criminal suspects, 153 missing and abducted women and children were recovered; 2,489 cases of sexual assault were detected, and 2,532 criminal suspects were arrested; 5,944 cases of pension fraud were detected, 12,008 criminal suspects were arrested, and gangs of pension fraud were destroyed. 800, and recovered 4.8 billion yuan in damages, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of women, children, and the elderly.

The second is to crack down on crimes involving underworld and evil.

Organizing in-depth "look back" on criminal clues of underworld criminals, conducting a thorough review of key industries and key areas, resolutely eradicating underworld forces that oppress the common people, run rampant in the countryside, and bully the market, and promote the normalization of the fight against underworld and evil to further develop in depth.

Since the launch of the "Hundred-Day Operation", the national criminal investigation departments have destroyed 14 criminal organizations, 176 evil groups, and 159 evil groups, arrested 3,723 criminal suspects, and solved 2,439 criminal cases of various types. There are 34 fugitives targeted by criminals.

The third is to crack down on serious violent crimes.

Quickly activate the homicide detection mechanism for discovered homicides, continue to keep the current homicide cases fully solved, and at the same time regularly carry out homicide backlogs, and detect a total of 225 homicide cases, including 68 murders over 10 years and 141 over 20 years. 178 fugitives were murdered.

Continue to deepen the special campaign to crack down on illegal and criminal gun explosions, and make every effort to eliminate hidden dangers of gun explosions. A total of 901 suspects involved in gun explosions have been arrested, 50 dens have been destroyed, and 897 guns of various types, 209,000 gun parts and 57,000 bullets have been seized. send.

Fourth, crack down on the crime of telecommunication and network fraud.

In-depth organization and development of special actions such as "breaking cards", "cutting currents", and "pulling nails", solidly promoting various work of prevention, control, and publicity, and fully protecting the "money bags" of the masses.

Since the launch of the "Hundred Days Action", the Ministry of Public Security has launched 11 campaigns against clusters of telecom and network fraud crimes, arrested 1,523 criminal suspects, and seized 5,520 electronic fraud tools.

The National Anti-Fraud Center sent 21.02 million early warning instructions with an accuracy rate of 79.2%. It blocked 130 million fraudulent calls and 160 million text messages together with relevant departments, blocked 287,000 fraudulent domain names and URLs, and urgently blocked 103 accounts involved in the payment. Thousands.

Fifth, crack down on crimes that are prominent in summer.

Deploy local criminal investigation departments to investigate and deal with sensitive cases such as picking quarrels and provoking trouble, intentional injury, crowd fights, robbery and robbery that occur in public places, to find out the truth, dig deep into the background of the personnel, and crack down on them in accordance with the law.

Tianjin destroyed a vicious criminal gang that had long been entrenched in catering and entertainment venues in Binhai New Area, Jinnan District, Dongli District and other places to smash and beat others, and arrested 10 criminal suspects.

The Nanjing Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province quickly detected a case of a group fight involving an online fight and a mutual fight on a basketball court in a community, and 19 suspects were arrested.