Brice Louge, a 30-year-old farm worker, disappeared during the night of February 19 to 20.

Earlier in the evening, he would have been surprised in the bed of his employer by the son of the latter, indicated the public prosecutor of Saint-Gaudens, 70 km from Tarbes.

An autopsy will take place in the next few hours which will allow investigators, judging the accident or suicide plausible, to rule out the criminal trail.

"There are a lot of fantasies around this disappearance because there is a story of adultery" adds the prosecutor, also stressing the fact that a judicial investigation was opened for "worrying disappearance" and not for homicide.

According to his parents' lawyer, Brice Louge had worked on the farm for ten years, "as a handyman", whether it was plumbing, electricity or agricultural work.

Joris Morer, one of his lawyers, declared after the discovery of the body that his clients “whose state you imagine, will finally be able to grieve”.


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