In the Democratic Party, the first TV debate for the party representative election was held today (2nd).

Rep. Park Yong-jin and Kang Hoon-shik attacked Rep. Lee Jae-myung.

Reporter Yoo Su-hwan.

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the first debate of the Democratic Party's representative candidate held in the Gangwon area, Rep. Park Yong-jin and Kang Hoon-shik side by side aimed at Rep. Lee Jae-myung.

A 'self-nomination' battle took place over Rep. Lee's running for the Incheon Gyeyang by-election.

[Lee Jae-myung/Democratic Party member: It seems inappropriate to say that it is self-nominated.]

[Park Yong-jin/Democratic Party member: The expression of self-nomination is being used by the media, and the people are convinced that...


[Lee Jae-myung/Democratic Rep.: Some say that those who supported the presidential election can overcome their frustration and participate more in voting.]

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"Let's create a platform to swear at lawmakers," even with the recent remarks of Congressman Lee.

[Kang Hoon-sik / Democratic Party Member: Compared to the purpose of narrowing the gap between lawmakers, party members, and supporters, there are concerns about whether the gap will actually be farther away...


[Lee Jae-myung / Democratic Party Member: President Roh Moo-hyun did the same.

I hope you understand that politicians should not avoid being insulted by the people, and that they emphasized free communication.]

Both of them were silent about the possibility of 'unification', Park Yong-jin and Kang Hoon-sik, which is considered the biggest variable in the National Convention.

[Kang Hoon-sik / Democratic Party Member: There are 2030 generations who supported President Yoon Seok-yeol.

Are you withdrawing your support?

(The Democratic Party) Please tell me how to get support again.]

[Yongjin Park/Rep. Democratic Party: I have to get up from where I fell.

What is the biggest disappointment for the Democrats in our 20s and 30s generation?

A selective justice that does not keep the promises, and is too self-absorbed, and thinks only he is right...


In today's debate, Rep. Jae-myung Lee re-emphasized that he is a 'competent candidate', and Rep. Yong-jin Park as a 'candidate with a wide playing field' and Rep. Hoon-sik Kang as 'the right person to create a young political party'.

Party members' first voting starts tomorrow in Gangwon, Daegu and Gyeongbuk, and the first counting results will be released in Daegu on the 6th.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-gi,