China News Service, July 29. According to the British "Guardian" report, in response to the energy crisis, Hannover, Germany will cut off the hot water supply to public buildings, swimming pools and gymnasiums.

The city also became the first major city in Germany to announce energy-saving measures.

On July 21, 2022, the "Nord Stream-1" natural gas pipeline landing facility and the OPAL natural gas pipeline transfer station in Germany.

  Hannover will also shut down public fountains and stop lighting at night for major buildings such as the city hall.

  The move is in response to an impending natural gas shortage, the report said.

The shortage of natural gas presents major challenges for municipalities, especially in large cities such as Hannover.

  Gazprom's previous announcement to reduce gas supply to the Nord Stream-1 pipeline has sparked concerns about the winter energy crisis.

  Mayor Belit One said the goal is to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent.

This is in line with the European Commission's goal of urging member states to make cuts.

  EU member states reached a political agreement on the 26th to take voluntary measures to reduce natural gas demand this winter by 15% to improve the EU's energy supply security.