The White House announced Wednesday that the result of the examination of the Covid-19 virus, which was conducted for President Joe Biden, after 5 days of treatment, was negative, which means that the isolation measures have been stopped.

"Last night, and again this morning, he tested negative," Biden's doctor, Kevin O'Connor, wrote in a letter released by the White House, adding that Biden would "end his strict isolation measures."

O'Connor added that the US president does not have a fever, and that the symptoms of infection are almost over, explaining that Biden took the anti-viral pill "Baxlovid" during the treatment period.

The doctor said that the US President will continue to wear a muzzle for a full 10 days when he is in contact with others.

Subsequently, Biden confirmed, in front of a crowd of reporters at the White House, that the result of the Corona virus test was negative, indicating that he would not be able to return to his work directly.

He also thanked all the people who stood with him during that period, and he especially thanked the medical team at the White House for their good care of him.

And on July 21, Biden was confirmed infected with the Corona virus, after he traveled to Massachusetts to highlight the challenges posed by climate change.