A large-scale annual military exercise is being held in Taiwan this week, and on the 26th, President Tsai Ing-wen boarded a destroyer with a joint Navy and Air Force exercise conducted off the Pacific coast of eastern Taiwan. I inspected at.

The exercise, which took place off the coast of a military port in Yilan County, on the Pacific side of Taiwan, was published in the media on the assumption that it would meet Chinese military attacks from the sea and air.

In the exercises, friendly fighters defend against enemy fighters attacking the fleet in the sky, air defense operations to launch anti-aircraft missiles from frigate ships, and finding enemy submarines in the sea from the sky. We examined how to proceed with operations such as attacking from frigate ships, shooting guns at enemy ships, and operations in which fighters use missiles to eliminate the enemy's air force and secure air superiority.

The exercise was also attended by a Japan Coast Guard patrol vessel, which came under the command of the Navy during the war.

In the exercise on the 26th, President Tsai Ing-wen boarded the guided-missile destroyer, which became the flagship of the fleet, and inspected it from the sea.

Around Taiwan, the activities of the Chinese army are becoming more active year by year, and it was confirmed that in May, the aircraft carrier deployed to the Pacific Ocean off the eastern part of Taiwan, and fighter planes made more than 300 departures and arrivals in the past. I am.

Behind the fact that Taiwan conducted an exercise on the Pacific side under the inspection of President Cai and released it to the media, he said that he was aware of the activities of the Chinese military and had sufficient self-defense determination and ability. There seems to be an intention to show it inside and outside.