[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Nearly half of Britons are adjusting their household food shopping lists in response to the growing cost of living crisis, a survey in the United Kingdom shows.

  According to a report by Reuters on the 20th, research shows that 46% of Britons are changing their food buying habits, of which 30% are choosing to buy less meat products and 13% less fruit and vegetables.

24% of UK shoppers are downgrading, choosing to buy what they see as lower quality but less expensive products.

  The data shows that as of July 10, the UK grocery inflation rate rose to 9.9%, which means that the average annual expenditure of the British will increase by 454 pounds (about 3685 yuan).

  Some forecasts say UK food inflation could hit 15% this summer and rise to 20% early next year.

As prices rise, more Britons are turning to discounters when shopping in a bid to rein in spending, local market research firms said.

  In addition, research shows that Brits have a lower level of trust in the country's food products.

Brexit is seen as having an impact on the country's food, with 26% of respondents believing that the quality of food in the UK has continued to decline over the past two years.

(Chen Yahan)