The SNCF was indicted for manslaughter, almost six years after the death in October 2016 of a teenager hit by a Ter at a level crossing in Wavrin (North), we learned this Wednesday from SNCF and family.

The national company SNCF, as the parent company, and SNCF Réseau were indicted in April in this case, according to the communication from the SNCF, confirming information from France 3 Hauts-de-France.

“This indictment which has been long overdue is a great satisfaction and the result of a long fight”, that of the parents of the 15-year-old teenager, reacted to AFP their lawyer, Me Quentin Lebas.

Mobilize to secure a level crossing

On October 17, 2016, the high school student died after being hit by a train at the level crossing at Wavrin station, as he was crossing the tracks to catch the train that was to take him to high school.

According to the story of his family, who has since been fighting to make this level crossing more secure, if the half-barriers for cars were then lowered, the passage of pedestrians remained possible.

The teenager's train was slightly ahead of schedule while the train that hit him was late and the boy was forced to use this level crossing to get to the platform where his train was departing from, further reports the family to AFP.

“A real recognition”

“As a mother, the indictment was a real recognition that Nicolas was indeed a victim of a lamentable level of security at the Wavrin level crossing and not a teenager who had done anything,” said congratulated the mother of the victim, Muriel Danel.

For the family, the work carried out since the accident on this level crossing, where according to them a motorist also lost his life two years after the teenager, remains very insufficient.

“We are asking for four half-barriers and an underground so that pedestrians, strollers, cyclists, TER users can get to either side of the level crossing in complete safety”, summarizes Muriel Danel.


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