China News Service, July 11. According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency", statistics from the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center show that in 2022, the cumulative number of confirmed local new crown cases in Taiwan will exceed 4 million, and the cumulative number of deaths will be 6,771. Deputy Director of Taiwan's "CDC" "Zhuang Renxiang said that the epidemic has slowed down more than expected, and the follow-up development will continue to be observed.

  The new crown epidemic on the island has not stopped. According to the statistics of the Epidemic Command Center, from January to July 9 this year, there were a total of 4,023,984 confirmed cases in Taiwan, a total of 10,179 confirmed cases of moderate disease, and a total of 7,881 cases of severe disease. Among them, a total of 6,771 people died.

  Zhuang Renxiang said on the afternoon of the 10th that there were 27,708 new local confirmed cases on the island, down 14.9% from the same period last week. A few days ago, some experts on the island admitted that the epidemic situation was declining more slowly than expected.

  According to the statistics of medical resources, there are 11,699 dedicated and negative pressure wards on the island, 7,022 vacant beds, and a vacancy rate of 60%, of which the vacancy rate is 52% in Taipei District, 57.7% in North District, 64.3% in Central District, and 57.6% in South District. %, Gaoping District 67.4%, East District 60.2%.

53 centralized quarantine stations have a total of 7,610 beds, 5,175 vacant beds, and the vacancy rate is 68%; 41 local enhanced epidemic prevention hotels have 3,516 beds, 1,519 beds, and the vacancy rate is 43.2%.