Just a few days old, a kid with extraordinarily long ears is already a social media star in Pakistan.

Its owner even assures that it broke a record... which may well not exist.

Simba now lives a pampered existence in Karachi, where he was born last month.

Already particularly long at birth, his ears have grown even more since then, reaching 54 cm.

Breeder Mohammad Hasan Narejo says he contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to see if his kid could make it in.

Even though no category for "longest goat's ear" currently appears on the organization's website.

Baby goat "Simba" in Karachi, Pakistan has made a world record with its ears as long as 48 centimeters, very much longer than the normal size of ears.https://t.co/YM9lJZDNtw

📹: Yousuf Khan pic.twitter. com/z6kZnrbpwl

— Anadolu Images (@anadoluimages) June 17, 2022

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Covetousness of other breeders

“Barely 10 to 12 days after his birth, he was already appearing in the national and international media and winning a beauty contest,” said his owner proudly.

"After 30 days, it became so popular that even a famous personality would need 25 to 30 years to achieve the same notoriety," he claimed.

Simba's ears are so elongated that Mohammad Hasan Narejo had to fold them over his back to prevent the little animal from stepping on them.

He also designed a harness so that this kid could wear its ears around its neck.

The man is now a bit concerned about the attention Simba is getting, including from competing breeders.

He resorts to prayers and tradition to guard against their possible resentment.

“We recite verses from the Quran and blow on it to ward off the evil eye,” he explained.

“In accordance with a long tradition inherited from our elders, we have tied a black thread around him, which is fortified with verses from the Koran”.

He now intends to take care of Simba like a thoroughbred, to promote Pakistan as a great goat-breeding country.

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