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Create new eating habits without constraint or yoyo effect and reach your goals with Weight Watchers slimming programs.

Today, find its formulas at a reduced price with reductions of up to -60%.

Follow the WW program to achieve your goals

The Weight Watchers method is an essential slimming program in the world of diets.

Created in 1963, it stands out from other diets by offering a low-calorie program that is simple to follow, based on a balanced diet.

Fully personalized, it allows everyone to lose weight in a sustainable way, without deficiencies.

The participants of the WW method have, each day, a capital of points to consume.

This is assessed according to gender, weight, height, and physical activity to best meet daily needs.

No food is prohibited, all simply consisting of eating according to one's tastes and desires, taking into account the number of points granted by the program.

Each food or drink is worth a certain number of points.

While fruit and vegetables are worth 0 points, a pain au chocolat is worth 8 points, and 100g of cooked pasta is worth 2.

Weight Watchers has many personalities who have participated in its program.

Among them, Valérie Damidot lost 14 kg, and Chris Marques 12 kg: a good reason to motivate yourself to shed a few extra pounds.

Discover the WeightWatchers program

Up to -60% during the Summer Special flash sale

Today, Weight Watchers invites you to join its slimming program at a reduced price.

Indeed, the company offers reductions of up to -60% on the "Digital" and "Unlimited Workshops + Digital" formulas.

Thus, the Digital formula allows you to follow the program wherever you are with the 5-in-1 app (monitoring diet, activity, state of mind, sleep, hydration).

During the flash sale, the 6-month subscription is €2.48/week, with a saving of €126.90 on the total.

The 3-month subscription is €3.11/week, i.e. a €70.35 discount.

With the Unlimited Workshops + Digital formula, benefit from the help of a WW Coach to achieve your Workshop goals.

These appointments can be made in a Studio near you or at any time of the day by video.

They replace the WW meetings of the old program and make it possible to tackle a new theme each week.

Lasting 30 minutes, they allow you to benefit from the expertise of a professional, but also from the motivation generated by the group.

The 6-month subscription is offered at €4.61/week, thus offering savings of €209.70 over 6 months.

By opting for a 3-month subscription, you will pay €5.76/week, and thus save €104.85 on the price of the formula.

Take advantage of the Special Summer formulas

Join the WW slimming program and lose your extra pounds this summer by taking advantage of discounts of up to -60% on 3 and 6 month formulas. 

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