In 2016, Araby in Växjö was classified as particularly vulnerable, according to the police survey.

It is an area that, according to the police's description, has a high concentration of criminals and parallel societal structures.

Despite this, politicians have not seen the need to start any defector activities for criminals.

Last year, the classification as a particularly vulnerable area was removed from the police list.

Despite this, all political parties today believe that there is now a need to strengthen the work of getting individuals to leave criminal networks.

- There is a need now, and then we think it's time, says Martin Edberg (S), member of the committee for work and welfare.

Supports almost all budgets

Regardless of which party you vote for in the election, it is a vote for a defector operation in Växjö, shows SVT's review.

All parties except the Sweden Democrats state in their budgets, in different ways, that they want to investigate or introduce a defector operation in Växjö.

SD is also positive about it, the chairman Pernilla Wikelund tells SD.

- There are municipalities that have come further, so there are skills that we can benefit from, says Pernilla Torneus (M), chair of the committee for work and welfare.