The Poitiers customs officers hit the mark time after time.

Nearly two tonnes of cannabis, resin and grass, were seized by the Poitiers brigade on the A10 motorway during two separate seizures on Friday and Saturday, according to the Ministry of Public Accounts.

On Friday, customs officers intercepted 877 kg of resin and 128 kg of herbal cannabis in a truck arriving from Spain.

The next day, 23 "Moroccan suitcases" - bales - containing 827 kg of cannabis resin as well as a little heroin and cocaine were seized on the same road, in a commercial vehicle coming from Pau , according to the driver.

All of the seizures have an estimated value of 9.8 million euros.

Gabriel Attal, Minister of Public Accounts, congratulated customs officers in a press release for these “exceptional seizures”.

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