Former Director Park Ji-won, accused of deleting the intelligence report of the NIS, strongly countered that it was the current government's political offensive, saying he had never done such a thing.

On the other hand, the National Intelligence Service is in the position of confirming that the intelligence report has been deleted, but it seems that the truth workshop is spreading throughout the political arena.

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Park Ji-won, former head of the National Intelligence Service, opened the door every day, saying that the accusation of the National Intelligence Service was a political offensive.

[Park Ji-won/Former Director of National Intelligence Service (CBS Radio): They misunderstood what they were doing now and made a fool’s note.]

Former Director Park refuted that he never ordered the deletion of information related to the West Sea incident and had no authority to delete it.

He also said that no matter how many deletions he made, it was systematically impossible because the original would remain on the main server.

The Democratic Party also started to cover former President Park.

He claimed that the system accused of deleting the report was not the National Intelligence Service, but the server of Mims, an integrated military information system managed by the Ministry of National Defense Intelligence Headquarters.

The military has the authority to delete it, but the NIS misunderstood that it was deleted by former Director Park, who only has access to read.

[Kim Byung-joo / Democratic Party's West Sea Public Official Murder Case TF Leader: Regarding that intelligence and information, the NIS does not technically delete it.]

The NIS officially refuted that it was not charged with deleting the documents mounted on the Mims.

Additional coverage of the National Intelligence Service revealed that it was confirmed that the deleted one was an internal report written by the National Intelligence Service based on information, not the intelligence claimed by Park, and that it was stored and deleted on the National Intelligence Service's own computer network, not Mims.

It is also said that the evidence obtained through internal inspection by the National Intelligence Service and its own computer network forensics was also handed over to the prosecution.

The people criticized the opposition as a pro-North Korean process that followed North Korea, and the presidential office also assisted with "a serious state crime if the people's human rights were violated."

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Park Jeong-sam)