China News Agency, Los Angeles, July 6 (Reporter Zhang Shuo) On July 6, local time, overseas Chinese in Southern California held a symposium in Los Angeles to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the July 7 Incident and the outbreak of the Chinese nation's comprehensive war of resistance.

  This symposium was hosted by the Southern California Forum for the Promotion of Unification, with the theme of "Remembering the Anti-Japanese History and Promoting the Reunification of the Motherland".

Li Chunlin, Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, Zhou Dezhao, the general convener of the Southern California Forum for the Promotion of President, Wu Jinhui, Guan Jianrong, Lu Qiang and other forum members, the daughter of the patriotic general General Zhang Zhizhong, the famous overseas Chinese leader Zhang Sujiu and many other anti-Japanese heroes. Descendants, as well as people from all walks of life on both sides of the Taiwan Strait from the US-China Forum, the Southern California Federation of Chinese Associations and other groups attended the event.

  Li Chunlin pointed out that the past is not forgotten, and the future is the teacher.

We commemorate the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, condemn the brutality of the aggressors, and stress that we should keep in mind the experience and lessons of history. Facing the future, we will cherish and maintain peace together, so that people around the world can enjoy peace and tranquility forever.

Chinese sons and daughters at home and abroad should unite more closely, carry forward the spirit of the great war of resistance, and work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in their respective positions with the determination and courage to overcome all difficulties and not be overwhelmed by difficulties.

  Li Chunlin said that since the establishment of the Southern California Unification Promotion Forum, it has adhered to the tenet of "adhering to one China, promoting cross-strait reunification, and resolutely opposing 'Taiwan independence' and all separatist forces that split China's territory", firmly supported the great cause of China's peaceful reunification, and took the initiative to speak out on cross-strait hotspot issues , have a positive impact on the overseas Chinese community.

It is hoped that the Southern California Unification Promotion Forum will not forget its original intention and will continue to play an active role in promoting the peaceful reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

  In his speech, Zhang Sujiu reviewed his father's life story and deeds of the Anti-Japanese War.

She said that the Chinese nation is a peace-loving nation, and our national blood inherits the fine tradition of opposing aggression and loving peace.

Modern history has taught us that we will be beaten when we fall behind, and that peace depends on strength.

Today, we should not forget the teachings of our fathers and the lessons of history, take the maintenance of world peace as our responsibility, carry forward Chinese culture, publicize the Chinese spirit, and build a bridge of friendship between China and foreign countries.

Chinese sons and daughters at home and abroad should build a spiritual Great Wall of unremitting self-improvement in their hearts, and make contributions worthy of their fathers to the great cause of national rejuvenation.