The corona incidence continues to rise in Hesse.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of new infections reported per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days was 843.4 on Thursday (as of 3:06 a.m.).

A week ago the value was 768.5.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,090,399 infections have been registered in the country.

With the data, however, it should be noted that the incidence does not provide a complete picture of the infection situation.

Experts have been assuming for some time that there will be a large number of cases not recorded by the RKI - mainly because not all infected people have a PCR test done.

Only positive PCR tests count in the statistics.

In addition, late registrations or transmission problems can lead to a distortion of individual daily values.

Declining incidence of hospitalization

According to RKI figures, 10,421 people in Hesse have died in connection with the virus so far.

This means that 15 more deaths have become known since last Thursday.

In which cases Covid-19 was the main cause of death and in which the patients died of other diseases and were also corona-positive is usually not clear from the information provided by the hospitals.

According to figures from the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs, the hospitalization incidence, which is important for assessing the pandemic situation, fell from 5.58 to 4.91 within seven days on Thursday.

The hospitalization incidence indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants were newly admitted to hospitals with a corona infection within a week.

According to data from the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (Divi), 86 adult Covid 19 patients were treated in the intensive care units of the Hessian clinics (as of 11:05 a.m.).

There were no changes in the vaccination rates in the state: According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, 75.2 percent of the Hessian population are fully vaccinated against Sars-CoV-2, as in the previous week.

If only the age group from 18 years is considered, the fully immunized proportion is still 84.2 percent, 70.2 percent are boosted.