Three weeks after the results of the second round of legislative elections, some constituencies are still the subject of a stir.

Like the 7th district of the Rhône, where according

to Progrès


appeals have been lodged with the Constitutional Council in order to have the election of Alexandre Vincendet, mayor of Rillieux-la-pape (LR) annulled.

Nordine Gasmi, left-wing dissident candidate eliminated in the first round, believes "to have convincing and characterized evidence" justifying an appeal.

Elise Sabin, elected opposition member in Rillieux-la-Pape, and Cyril Radix, activist of La France insoumise in Bron, supporters of the losing candidate, Abdelkader Lahmar (Nupes), took the same step against the LR deputy.

According to them, Alexandre Vincendet would have used public means to carry out his campaign.

The mayor of Rillieux-la-Pape, he declared himself "very serene", still in the columns of



In the 13th district of the Rhône, the deputy Sarah Tanzili must also face an appeal filed before the constitutional council by Frédéric Boinet, a resident of the city of Genas accustomed to the exercise.

The latter had already sent the mayor of the city, Daniel Valéro, to the administrative court on several occasions, after having tried to have his election annulled.

91 appeals have been sent to date.

It is now up to the Council of Elders to decide on their legitimacy.


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