At the National Assembly, the Ethics Committee of the Party is being held to decide whether or not to take disciplinary action against Lee Jun-seok, the representative of the People's Power.

CEO Jun-seok Lee will personally go to the Ethics Committee after a while to express his opinion.

Depending on what conclusion is drawn, it is expected that the political life of Chairman Lee Jun-seok as well as the power structure of the ruling party in the early days of his administration will be affected.

Then, let's connect directly with the reporter of the National Assembly.

Reporter Kang-Yun Hwa, there are a lot of reporters, but has the ethics committee already started?


That's right, the deliberation of the People's Power Central Ethics Committee, which decides whether or not to take disciplinary action against the party leader, has begun at 7 pm a little while ago at the conference hall right behind me.

After a marathon meeting on the 22nd of last month, the conclusion was postponed once, saying that he would listen to CEO Lee Jun-seok's vocation.

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Seven out of nine ethics committee members participated in today's (7th) meeting.

Before the start, Chairman Lee Yang-hee promised fair deliberation, saying that it is very inappropriate to say that it is the planning and disciplinary punishment of the so-called Yoon Hak officials, and it is a witch hunt.

Let's listen.

[Lee Yang-hee/People's Power Central Ethics Chairman: We will make a decision after rationally deliberation on the matter based on social conventions and standards, without considering political interests and gains.]

Representative Lee Jun-seok has not yet appeared.

It is known that after staying outside for a while, he will come here between 8:30 and 9 in the evening to make his own vocation.

After the call, it is reported that CEO Lee will move to another location outside the National Assembly and wait for the results of the ethics committee.

Kim Cheol-geun, a close associate of Lee, who is also subject to disciplinary deliberation by the Ethics Committee due to the suspicion of directly attempting to destroy evidence, will also attend the Ethics Committee to explain himself.


It started a little while ago, so it will take some time, but will there be a conclusion today?


After we interviewed the ethics committee members, there were many opinions that we would draw a conclusion today.

The plan is to first decide whether to take disciplinary action against Director Kim, who is suspected of directly destroying evidence, and then decide whether or not to take disciplinary action against CEO Lee at this meeting.

An Ethics Committee official said that he would make a decision on whether to take a disciplinary action and the level of disciplinary action even after midnight tonight.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-gi, Video editing: Ha Seong-won)