Good evening,

the mayor is standing in the back today.

The spotlight of the evening is due to the further development of the Griesheim industrial park.

It will be rebuilt for a billion euros and opened to the public.

This is the best news of the day.

Meanwhile, Peter Feldmann knows when he has to answer in court.

At least something tangible with a view to his confused affairs.

And the bad news of the day: At the airport you still need very strong nerves until the end of the year.

Let's stay in this order, from good to bad.

Carsten Knop


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Leap forward:

Berlin-based Beos AG intends to invest one billion euros in the Griesheim industrial park and convert the 73-hectare area into a business park for “Industry 4.0”, among other things.

To this end, the location, which has so far been surrounded by walls, is to be opened up towards the city, criss-crossed by cycle and bus routes and made accessible to the public.

The Mainufer, which is currently closed, will also be opened.

On Wednesday, the project development company, which belongs to the Swiss Life Group, presented the basics of its planning for the first time, with city councilors Mike Josef (SPD) and Stephanie Wüst (FDP) present.

Josef described the new beginning as a "huge opportunity".

Wüst said that the former chemical site is the largest and most rapidly developing area that Frankfurt has to offer to the economy in the foreseeable future.

This is true;

Before the jump:

This does not apply to the mayor.

But for Peter Feldmann (SPD), who this week announced his voluntary withdrawal for the end of January, it is now clear that he will be in court from October 18th.

Feldmann has to answer for the suspicion of accepting an advantage.

This was announced by the Frankfurt Regional Court on Wednesday.

The procedure is initially scheduled for six days of negotiations until November 23rd.

According to experts, the proceedings could extend into the new year given the expected number of witnesses.

Helmut Schwan comments on the cause that the city council, as the city's highest body, must demand a short-term, binding commitment from Feldmann.

In fact, it is better not to rely on anything.

Jumped too short:

Travelers at Frankfurt Airport will continue to have to reckon with hours of waiting at check-in, baggage claim and other processes in the coming months.

That's what Stefan Schulte, CEO of the airport operator Fraport AG, said.

The processes at the airport are not good at the moment and they will probably not get any better this year either.

"It's rumbling in many places at the moment, and it will continue to be like this for the time being," added the airport manager and apologized to all those affected.

Schulte cited the unexpectedly quick return of air travelers as the reason for the current difficult situation after air traffic was temporarily completely suspended at the beginning of the pandemic.

Fraport no longer pays bonuses for leaving the company,

And in addition

, a burning truck caused a long traffic jam on Autobahn 3 near Frankfurt early Wednesday morning


the Hessen Tenants' Association was critical in the debate about temporary restrictions on hot water in apartments


Wiesbaden's venerable town hall urgently needs to be modernized , which Oliver Bock also comments on.

Greetings from the editorial team, stay healthy

Carsten Knop

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Thursday July 7th

Gerhard Merz

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Hans-Dieter Maienschein

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Stefan Hafke

, Germany head of the major American bank Citigroup, Frankfurt (53);

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