• Cinema Raffaella Carrà: "I gave Sinatra the pumpkin... I was a girl and still a virgin"

On July 5, one year has passed since the death of one of the greatest artists that music has given in recent decades.

Raffaella Carrà gave her last breath of life after not being able to beat the

lung cancer

against which she had been fighting for a long time.

She had a

goodbye with honors

and deserved for having been one of the most iconic voices of the 20th century.

However, twelve months later there is a big question on the table:

What has happened to her inheritance?

The artist was a woman obsessed with preserving her privacy and giving practically no information from the outside.

But she has already spent enough time to clear up unknowns and the Italian press has already got to work.

Most of the information consulted maintains that it would be

Matteo and Federica Pelloni,

her last couple, Sergio Japino,

and the daughters of her first love, Gianni Boncompagni,

who would share her legacy.

Without forgetting the charitable associations with which the singer collaborated.

Without going any further, she donated a 160-square-meter gym to one of them shortly before her death.

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Raffaella Carrà, from communist vedette to millionaire television superstar


Raffaella Carrà, from communist vedette to millionaire television superstar

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Raffaella Carrà: Her partner Sergio Japino was her "mirror in which to look"


Raffaella Carrà: Her partner Sergio Japino was her "mirror in which to look"

Among Raffaella Carrà's juicy assets,

three houses stood out,

including her habitual residence in Rome,

Vigna Clara

, a

mansion with a garden and three floors


Sergio Japino is one of the main beneficiaries.

The Italian she shared with the

choreographer and television director

the last 30 years of her life.

He was in charge of communicating the bitter news: "Raffaella has left us, she has left us. She has gone to a better world, where her humanity, her unmistakable laughter and her extraordinary talent will shine forever. ".

De Carrà spoke as "a mirror in which to look at yourself and with which you can know where you are wrong and where you are. Sometimes, you can find very strong struggles, but you can get things out of this clash and get ahead".

Raffaella was very close

to her nephews

, especially after her brother and their father, Renzo, died unexpectedly in 2001, at just 56 years old.

She took charge of her education.

She loved and cared for them as if they were the children that nature never gave her, something that she accepted with resignation but fortitude.

"I'm not a mother, but I'm a father to my nephews. They

give me something to do and I'm happy. I'm a bit of their father, they can count on me for any problem. I love them: when I'm not working I'm with them, they come to see me... .", he commented a long time ago in



It is believed that as much has gone to them by the way of the inheritance.

Other important people in Raffaella's life were the

three daughters of the artist's first great love, Gianni Boncompagni,

the one from Bologna who helped her ex-partner take care of them during the time they lived together in the absence of their mother.

One of them, Barbara, is unable to forget what it meant to them:

"I remember her as Mary Poppins

. It was a hurricane at home. Dad was a man who lived alone with three daughters and you can imagine what state he found the house in when She

came to live with us. I was the youngest, and for all of us she

was like a mother.

We had in common the fact that her father had abandoned her, us, the mother, "he explained to

Corriere della Sera


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