No metro this Wednesday morning in Toulouse.

Lines A and B were shut down for "a fixed period", due to an "electrical problem", says Tisséo, and probably the start of a fire.

The firefighters indicate that they were called around 8:55 a.m. because of a "significant release of smoke" detected in the line A tunnel, between the Saint-Cyprien and Patte-d'Oie stations.

The trains had time to return to the station and be evacuated before the intervention of around sixty firefighters.

No injuries are reported.

The intervention was still in progress around 11 am in the tunnel.

For users, Tisséo has activated the substitution lines.

For line A, you can take bus line 14 which connects Basso-Cambo and Balma-Gramont.

For line B, lines 34 and 44 are extended to Ramonville.


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