China News Service, July 6. According to the US "World Journal" report, a police officer in Oakland Chinatown, Northern California said on the 5th that a suspect who had previously robbed a vehicle in Chinatown was arrested, but the Alameda County District Attorney No charges were filed.

  At the time of the incident, the victim, Mr. Li, tried to stop the robber and was dragged by the robber to the ground and bruised.

Li said the knee and hand injuries are still recovering.

The robbery took place on June 12, and police found his stolen vehicle the next day, with a smell of marijuana and needles used for drug use, which he spent $250 to clean.

Although the police asked him to identify the robber, but because the incident happened in a hurry, he did not know what the robber looked like, so the identification was unsuccessful.

  The robbery at 12:45 pm on June 12 was very dangerous.

Several videos provided by the Chinese supermarket, as well as witnesses and others interviewed by World Daily, restored the incident.

At that time, an African-American man in a white shirt was standing in a corner of the road.

Mr. Li parked the cars side by side in the driveway near the supermarket, opened the rear door, and got out to help his father-in-law move the rice.

It can be seen from the video that he is holding the rice bag with both hands and walking very slowly.

Then, the robber in white came out from the corner, passed by casually, opened the front door of the car and got into the cab.

Because the line of sight was blocked, Mr. Li didn't see it at first.

After discovering that someone had entered the car, he immediately stepped forward and opened the door.

  Judging from the blurry surveillance video, Mr. Li was suspected of grabbing the steering wheel or other parts of the car, but the car was still accelerating forward. He was dragged more than ten meters and fell to the ground.

Witnesses said his shoes were dropped in the road and his arms and knees were bruised.

After the robbery, a total of 6 Chinatown Blue Angels volunteers and passersby acted bravely. Some helped the police to translate and some helped to bandage.

Two police cars also rushed to the scene to investigate.

(Liu Xianjin)