South Korea's President Yoon Seok-you said at a meeting of military commanders, "If the North provokes, we must resolutely discipline it." He emphasized the idea of ​​strengthening deterrence.

On the 6th, South Korean President Yun Sung-nyul visited the base where the military headquarters of land, sea and air were located and attended a meeting of commanders.

In this, President Yun said, "The threat of North Korea's nuclear weapons and missiles is increasing. If the North provocations, it must be disciplined promptly and decisively." I emphasized.

In addition to strengthening deterrence based on the alliance with the United States, he instructed the early preparation of missile interception and counterattack capabilities.

Prior to this, the Korean Ministry of Defense announced on the 5th that the US Air Force's state-of-the-art stealth fighter, F35A6, will be deployed on the Korean Peninsula and will be jointly trained with the Korean Air Force until the 14th of this month.

According to South Korean media, the deployment of the U.S. military's F35 on the Korean Peninsula has been announced since 2017, when North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test. It seems to be a warning message. "