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European Parliament has decided to include nuclear power and natural gas in the green classification system, which is the standard for eco-friendly investment.

Nuclear power generation is excluded from Korea's green classification system, but the European Parliament's decision is expected to affect Korea as well.

Correspondent Kim Ki-tae.

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European Parliament has passed a bill to include nuclear and natural gas power generation in the taxonomy.

Of the 639 MPs, 328 voted in favor and 278 voted against.

The EU taxonomy is a criterion for determining whether a particular economic activity can be classified as a climate-friendly green if it engages in specific economic activities or meets environmental standards.

With this decision by the European Parliament, nuclear power and natural gas will be included in the EU taxonomy rules from next year. 

France, which relies on nuclear power, welcomed the decision, and some EU countries are still opposing it, saying that reliance on Russian gas, which has become unstable after the invasion of Ukraine, may increase.

[Ursula von der Leyen/Chairman of the European Commission: Europe's strategy and changed approach in preparation for Russia's potential complete gas cut-off has become very important.] The

Ministry of Environment, in last year's Korean Green Classification System Guidelines, classified nuclear power as green. excluded from

The Yun Seok-yeol government is planning to include nuclear power plants in the green classification system by referring to the EU case as early as next month.