The National Intelligence Service has filed a complaint with the prosecution against two former heads of state.

The charges are that former directors Park Ji-won and Seo Hoon were unfairly involved in the process of handling 'the case of the murder of a public official in the West Sea' and the 'repatriation of a North Korean fisherman to the North'.

Former Director Park protested that it was a security business.

Correspondent Kim Min-jung.

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National Intelligence Service (NIS) filed a complaint with the prosecution against Park Ji-won and former Director Seo Hoon during the Moon Jae-in administration, including violating the National Intelligence Service Act.

Regarding former Director Park, on charges of unauthorized deletion of intelligence-related reports in relation to the 'Accident of the attack of a public official in the West Sea' that occurred in September 2020, Seo forced a joint investigation into the 'Forcible repatriation of North Korean fishermen to North Korea' in November 2019. It was identified as a charge of early termination with

Former Director Park immediately responded through social media.

He denied the charges, saying, "The intelligence is shared by the National Intelligence Service, not produced."

He responded to the current government by saying, "Don't write novels, don't trade security."

This accusation was made after the NIS formed a task force from last June, right after Kim Kyu-hyun took office, and conducted intensive self-investigation.

The then-head of the National Security Office, Suh Hoon, former Defense Minister Suh Wook, and former first deputy chief of the National Security Office Suh Joo-seok were designated as responsible for negligence, etc.