A woman was stabbed in central Visby on Wednesday and is now being cared for in hospital.

A man in his 30s could be arrested immediately, suspected of the act - the same man that Lasse Reuterberg stopped.

He was on his way to seminary when he heard a cry for help.

- "Stop him!".

I turn around and see a guy coming running, really straight towards me, he says.

Lasse acted quickly and tackled the man so that he went into a wall.

- It was only when I realized that he had a knife, he dropped it when I tackled him.

"Be prepared"


Weren't you scared?

- No, the reptile brain probably hit there.

Had I known it was a knife I might have thought again, but I did not know.


How did he react?

- He went into the wall and lay down.

I stood next to him, saw the knife, and thought I should not go too close.

But I was prepared if he would get up and get him down again in that case.

Hear Lasse Reuterberg talk about the intervention in the clip above.