The House of Councilors election has entered the final election contest for the polling day on the 10th of this month.

In street speeches, party executives appealed for their policies and claims and called for their support.

Liberal Democratic Secretary General Motegi

Secretary General Motegi of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "The causes of price increases are energy prices and food prices, and we would like to take speedy and effective measures targeting these. The opposition opposes the supplementary budget to take action. The question is whether the LDP and the Liberal Democratic Party, which can implement concrete and effective measures, should be a coalition government, or whether the opposition party, which is only worried and has no concrete measures, is better. It's an election that has been held. "

Secretary-general Nishimura

Secretary-general Nishimura of the Constitutional Democratic Party said, "During the election period, the Kishida Cabinet has been talking about taunting the people one after another. The statement that the government does not hear the voice of the opposition is a threat to the people. We cannot admit that we are approaching such a strong dictatorship. It is the Constitutional Democratic Party that can correct the use of taxes in this country, and let it work as the first opposition party. I want it. "

Komeito Takeuchi, Chairman of the Political Survey

"President Putin says he will stop Sakhalin's natural gas, but he is determined to create a society that does not depend on oil or natural gas, with the intention of trying what he can do," said Takeuchi, the chairman of the Political Survey of the Komei Party. I am also moving cars in Japan. I want you to rest assured that we will change to such a society. "

Ishin Yoshimura Deputy Representative

Yoshimura, Deputy Representative of the Nippon Ishin no Kai, said, "Politicians cannot reform while still in the old lukewarm water. I want you to change the old way of politics and create an opposition party that can collide with the LDP. "

Secretary-general Haruha

Secretary-general Kazuya Shimba of the Democratic Party for the People said, "The government is thinking hard about how to take taxes that are difficult to understand from the side that works and pays taxes. I want the Democratic Party for the People to do the policy realization that seems to be. "

Communist Secretary General Koike

The Communist Party's secretary general, Koike, said, "The incumbent minister said,'What the opposition says, the government doesn't listen to anything.' We will face the flow of the wing support system from the front. "

Reiwa Oishi Policy Council Chairman

Reiwa Shinsengumi's chairman, Oishi Policy Council, said, "While we continue to cut taxes for the rich, we must get rid of the demon-like government that does not just cut the consumption tax for the common people even in the midst of high prices. Is you. "

Social Democratic Party Deputy Leader Aragaki

Aragaki, the deputy leader of the Social Democratic Party, said, "In response to the situation in Ukraine, there is a calm debate about strengthening armaments, and this trend must be stopped."

N Party Hamada Policy Research Chairman

"The freedom not to pay the reception fee for those who do not see NHK is not guaranteed. We will work to protect your rights," said Hamada, the chairman of the NHK Party's policy research.

Voting date is 10th of this month

Election campaigns such as street speeches will be available for the remaining three days until the day before the voting day, and each party will make every effort to expand its support, such as by having executives support the constituencies that are considered to be close to each other.