Disbursing a monthly salary for life to his family...the death of an Egyptian supermarket employee while chasing a thief

An employee of the "Kazyon" supermarket in Masri was killed after a thief attacked him while he was working inside the branch.

The company decided to honor him and perpetuate his heroic position by naming the branch in his name. In a statement, the company announced a 3-day mourning announcement on all platforms, including social media, as well as communicating with the relevant authorities to reach the thief in order to preserve the rights of the deceased, the family and the community.

The company added in the statement, that it decided to change the name of the branch to bear the name of the deceased;

In honor of his work and to commemorate his memory, in contrast to the entitlements stipulated in the Labor Law and Social Security, where I decided to pay a monthly salary to the family of the deceased for life as if he was still among them.

The company clarified, knowing that this is not in exchange for his death, and it will not return him to us but in acknowledgment of a member of the Kazion family.

The news of the death was saddened by many users of social networking sites, as there were many comments of grief and sorrow for the deceased young man, and one of them commented: May God have mercy, forgiveness and satisfaction, Amen.