“Well, no, why the blockade?

They also have the opportunity to travel from Poland to Lithuania, ”RIA Novosti quotes him.

Alikhanov recalled the existence of the Suwalki Corridor, a 100-kilometer land section along which the border between Poland and Lithuania passes.

“There is an opportunity to drive – please, drive.

But from the point of view of economics and logistics projects, it can be said that the port of Klaipeda will lose its, so to speak, economic attractiveness if such retaliatory measures are taken,” he concluded.

Earlier, Alikhanov said that the ban on the import and export of goods through the Baltic States to Russia is considered as a response to the restriction on transit from Lithuania.

Before that, it became known that the authorities of the Kaliningrad region had prepared a list of response measures to Lithuania's ban on overland transit of certain goods to the region.

The list was submitted for consideration to the Russian government.