Overseas Network, July 6. According to a report from Sky News on the 6th, British Education Secretary Will Koons offered to resign.

This is the third heavyweight cabinet member of the British government to announce their resignation since the resignation of the British Minister of Health and the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the 5th.

In addition, British Department of Transport Secretary Laura Trotter also announced her resignation on the 6th.

According to Sky News statistics, since Javid and Sunak resigned, a total of 12 government officials announced their resignation.

  Koons expressed through social media that he has submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Johnson today (6th), which is deeply regrettable.

Trotter said on the same day, "trust in the government is very important, but unfortunately, this trust has been gradually lost in recent months."

  On the 5th, British Health Secretary Syed Javid and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak resigned one after another.

The pair's resignation comes just after Johnson made a public apology for appointing Christopher Pincher as his Conservative deputy whip in February, following a number of scandals over his misconduct.

Britain's opposition Labour Party has called for an early general election, claiming the Conservative Party has been "corrupt".

(Wang Xiaoyu from Overseas Network)