China News Agency, Guangzhou, July 5th (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​"Nansha is a place where we can boldly pursue our dreams here." Liu Yanxin, a Macau youth working in Nansha, Guangzhou, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency on the 5th that recently The released "Guangzhou Nansha Comprehensive Plan for Deepening Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Cooperation Facing the World" provides policy support for Hong Kong and Macao people developing in Nansha in terms of children's education, medical insurance, and elderly care, so that everyone can work here with more peace of mind, Life.

  Since the release of the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area have provided more and more employment and internship opportunities for Hong Kong and Macao youth.

Among them, Guangzhou is becoming a dream paradise for people from Hong Kong and Macao.

  "I saw a lot of projects from flat land to high-rise buildings now, and they will be put into production within this year. I also have a lot of efforts in this, which makes me feel very fulfilled!" Liu Yanxin, a graduate of Peking University, is in the Nansha District Industrial Park Administration. He took up the post and was responsible for the follow-up work related to the Dagang Advanced Manufacturing Base. In the past two years in this position, he personally felt the earth-shaking changes in Nansha.

  A few days ago, the "New Ten Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "New Ten Measures") to support the entrepreneurship and employment of Hong Kong and Macao youth in Guangzhou Nansha New Area (Free Trade Zone) was released. "Booster" for entrepreneurship and employment.

  The reporter learned that the "New Ten Articles" builds a comprehensive employment guarantee award and subsidy policy in terms of employment, workplace ability improvement, housing and housing, and medical treatment; Create a new entrepreneurial support chain in terms of base operation and other aspects to provide full life cycle entrepreneurial support for Hong Kong and Macao youth entrepreneurship projects.

  According to the measures of the "New Ten Rules", a single Hong Kong and Macao youth working in Nansha can receive up to 515,000 yuan (RMB, the same below) in 3 years as a subsidy fund, and a single Hong Kong and Macao youth start-up enterprise founded in Nansha can enjoy a maximum of 4.5 million yuan in 3 years. supplementary funds.

  At the same time, Nansha will also support eligible Hong Kong and Macao youths to purchase co-owned properties, and issue "Hong Kong and Macao Youth Talent Cards" to Hong Kong and Macao youths, who can enjoy a full range of green channel services such as residence, housing, children's schooling, medical treatment, industry and commerce, and taxation in Nansha. Realize "one card to go to Nansha".

  "The "New Ten Articles" have a lot of support for Hong Kong and Macao youth. I believe that more Hong Kong and Macao youth will come here to develop in the future!" said Gu Chengshuai, a Hong Kong youth who works in Nansha.

  In addition to the "New Ten Rules", Nansha will also launch a three-year action plan for entrepreneurship and innovation to support youth development in Hong Kong and Macau.

  In recent years, Nansha has actively supported the innovation and entrepreneurship of young people from Hong Kong and Macao. It has established the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Exchange Promotion Center, and built 11 Hong Kong and Macao youth entrepreneurship bases such as "Chuangxiangwan". More than 300 youth entrepreneurship teams (enterprises) have settled in, and nearly 3,000 Hong Kong and Macao enterprises have settled in , with a total investment of 117 billion US dollars.

  In Guangzhou, not only Nansha is a paradise for Hong Kong and Macao people to pursue their dreams, but Huangpu, Tianhe, Baiyun and other districts also actively support the innovation and entrepreneurship of young people from Hong Kong and Macao.

Among them, Tianhe also recently released the Implementation Measures for Deepening Support for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development of Hong Kong and Macao Youths (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures" Draft) for public consultation, and plans to issue "gift packages" for Hong Kong and Macao youths to innovate and start businesses in Tianhe.

  According to the draft of the "Measures", young people from Hong Kong and Macao who join enterprises and institutions will receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for undergraduates; to support the development of high-end talents in Hong Kong and Macao, the maximum reward is 5 million yuan.

At present, Tianhe has established 14 youth innovation and entrepreneurship bases in Hong Kong and Macao.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Guangdong) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base (hereinafter referred to as the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base"), the leader of the "1+12+N" Hong Kong and Macao youth innovation and entrepreneurship base in Guangdong Province, is also in this area.

  "The Hong Kong and Macau community formed by the operation team of the entrepreneurship and innovation base has increased the intimacy of young people from Hong Kong and Macau to the Greater Bay Area." Ho Chi-ho, founder of Zhonglian Yundong Information and member of the Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurs Association, told reporters that although he started a business in Guangzhou and experienced the epidemic Several times of impact, but the double-creation base's policies such as rent-free space, docking resources, linking customers, and brand promotion have helped him overcome obstacles on the road to entrepreneurship.